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About Cheryl

Cheryl Lawrence
Photography is my passion...
With color and coffee coming in second and third.
I always remember seeing the world in color.
Dreaming in color... Communicating in color.

If the vivid color of my images catch your eye...
If you want to touch and get closer to the image...
If it makes you smile or reminds you of
something, someone or somewhere...
Then I have succeeded.
My intent as an artist is to capture not only the image...
but to also capture you for just a moment.
A moment for you to slow down, relax,
sip your coffee and take in some of the beauty around you.

Enjoy ...

- Cheryl Lawrence

To contact the artist, email clawrencephotography@gmail.com
or call 360-263-5154 / 503-380-5150

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